Baby Alive Potty Dance Talking Baby Doll with Brown Hair

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Baby Alive Potty Dance Talking Baby Doll with Brown Hair

Baby Alive Potty Dance baby is growing up so fast! She can say and sing more than 50 phrases and sings a song! This sweet Baby Alive doll loves to says sweet phrases like “I love you, Mommy.” Hold her left hand and she’ll dance, too! After feeding Potty Dance baby water from her bottle, she’ll say, “Uh oh! I gotta go!” Put baby doll on her potty and she’ll “pee” on it. She drinks and wets! Use the included pretend soap dispenser to clean her and don’t forget to give her a star on her rewards chart to celebrate this special milestone! Before putting baby to bed, brush her soft hair with her very own comb (included).

Product Details:

  • 50+ fun phrases in mommy and daddy modes: baby speaks to mommy or Daddy in two unique modes at the flip of switch.
  • Talks in English or Spanish: baby talks in English or Spanish and says cute phrases like “time to go potty!” and “yay, I did it!” she even sings a song!
  • Time to go & celebrate: give baby her bottle and she'll “pee” on her potty. Mark baby’s progress with stickers and a rewards chart to celebrate when she does it!
  • After potty, it's Wash up time: after baby drinks and wets, use included pretend soap dispenser to keep baby clean then pretend to Wash her hands then give her lots of cuddles
  • Great for kids age 3+: little mommies and Daddies can have fun giving their baby her bottle. She's the perfect doll for girls and boys 3 years old and up.