Bedroom Accessories: Holiday Child's Room Decor

15th Sep 2015

If your home is anything like ours, decorating for Christmas is one of the most anticipated things of the year. Too often, kids’ rooms get ignored when decorating for the holidays, whether it’s for Christmas, Hanukkah, Kwanzaa or whatever. As a source for fun and versatile kid's bedroom accessories, we want to give you some tips today on how you can decorate your kids' rooms for the holidays without spending a ton of money or time. It can be fun for the whole family!

  • Small Christmas trees are always fun for your child's room if your family celebrates Christmas. You can get a little crazy with the tree and let your child decorate it with their favorite sports teams, hobbies, or just about anything they want!
  • If you’re afraid you’re child will thrash a tree - or you've got animals that may try to "play" with it, go for a removable wall sticker or window clings. If you celebrate Hanukkah, create an area fun menorah display in your child’s room.
  • Regardless of what holiday you celebrate, garlands are simple and affordable ways to add holiday cheer in your child's room. You can buy them pre-made or find a fun tutorial online where the whole family can join in on the fun.
  • Maybe your tastes veer toward the subtle and refined. To add holiday flair in your kid’s room, change the bedding. Why not try adding stockings to your child's bed frame? Maybe use a Santa toy bag to store toys in a playroom! Get a little creative and the possibilities are endless!