Pixar Alien Remix Barbie and Ken Dream Convertible

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Pixar Alien Remix Barbie and Ken Dream Convertible

Taking the adorably quirky remixed figures of Pixar Alien Remix to another collectable level are the Pixar Alien Remix packs. This Pixar Alien Remix of the Barbie and Ken Dream Convertible combines Disney Pixar's Toy Story Aliens with the Barbie and Ken doll characters as they appear in the Toy Story movies. Nothing but a pink roadster would do to complete this trio, and either Alien Remix figure can fit into the car, to drive the collector display options! Car is an accessory only, not a working vehicle. Colors, dimensions and decorations may vary.

Product Details:

  • Is that Barbie & Ken taking an open air drive through the galaxy in a sporty pink convertible No, it's two Aliens combined with 80s themed Barbiean and Ken to create quirky mashup figures – the Pixar Alien Remix Barbie and Ken!
  • The globally iconic dolls disguise the little green Aliens within! But their perfectly coiffed hair and 80's outfits can't completely hide the claw-machine escapees – their 3-eyed gaze gives them away!
  • Ready for a unique showcase, the mashup couple comes with a classic display vehicle – a oversized pink convertible that fits either Barbie or Ken Remix figure. Vehicle is for display only.
  • At 3.22 in tall, these remixed figures are part fashion doll, part extraterrestrial and 100% Pixar magic.
  • Makes an irresistible gift for any Pixar fan or collector.