Precious Moments Girls Nap Mat

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Precious Moments Girls Nap Mat

Isabella from Precious Moments is full of courage and compassion! She puts these traits to great use by helping her friends, sometimes in small ways like by listening when someone is having a hard time and sometimes in big ways like by encouraging her friends to achieve their dreams! She’s the best Super Hero to Admire!

Our sleeping mat features luxuriously soft fabric that covers the plush cushioning and the top comforter! The fabric is durable microfiber and we use fade-resistant printing for long-lasting products! The pillow is removable so your child will have options and when naptime is over, just roll it, secure it and toss it over your shoulder for easy carrying.

At Everyday Kids, we delight in making bedding and décor kids love! Create one-of-a-kind spaces to inspire and excite them!

Product Details:

  • BRIGHT AND BOLD TODDLER TRAVEL BED: Izzy with her big eyes is sure to make your little girl feel more confident and ready for anything that comes her way! She’ll be a visual reminder to your child during school to be brave herself!

  • SUPERIOR QUALITY PRECIOUS MOMENTS NAP MAT: Made of plush hypoallergenic microfiber polyester, your child will enjoy cozy naps wrapped in the warmth of this napping mat! Take it on camping trips or to the childcare center and she’ll enjoy snuggling in!

  • PERFECT SIZE FOR AGES 2 TO 5: This mat measures 20”W x 50”L and the attached cover measures 30”W x 40”L. No matter if your child will be taking short naps or sleeps in it overnight, she’ll rest well and wake ready for new adventures!

  • EASY CARE: It’s machine washable, so it’s easy to keep this toddler cot bed clean! Wash on the gentle cycle in cold water to preserve the fade-resistant colors. Tumble dry on low.

  • EXPECT GREAT QUALITY, VALUE AND AWESOME STYLES FROM EVERYDAY KIDS: We love designing bedding that kids love! And, we choose great materials and take the time to sew the pieces correctly so they’ll last a long time!