Kids Rewards









Free to join. Kids Rewards points only available for purchases placed on Must opt into Kids Rewards program by creating an account to begin receiving points. Receive 100 points immediately for joining. Earn 5 points for every $1 spent (rounded up to the nearest whole dollar amount). Points will not be earned for shipping fees and taxes. Points will not be earned for purchases made prior to opting into Kids Rewards. All points earned will be added to Kids Rewards account 7 days after order date.

For 650 points, receive a $10 unique coupon code. Earn 1250 points and receive $20 coupon code. Earn 1750 points and receive $30 coupon code. Earn 2150 points and receive $40 coupon code. Earn 2500 points and receive $50 coupon code. Coupon Codes not valid with additional discounts. Kids Rewards coupons not valid for shipping cost. Receive a birthday treat of 100 points on birthday. Birthdate must be submitted 7 days prior, in Kids Rewards account under My Profile>Kids Rewards>Earn Points. 

All points will expire after 6 months of inactivity. Activity consists of purchases on ONLY when logged in to your account.

Kids Warehouse reserves the right to cancel any order for any reason. Points will be deducted for cancelled orders and for returned product.

Resellers, wholesalers and bulk buyers are not eligible to participate. Kids Warehouse reserves the right to deactivate and block points on any Rewards account for not following our policy.

A User may have only one identity that can be used to accrue points for the Website's promotions. Any User or person who tries to use more than one User account, User ID or create more than one identity to obtain more Points shall be disqualified at Kids Warehouse’s sole discretion.

See Kids Rewards Terms and Conditions.