Lightyear Hyperspeed Series 2 All-Terrain Vehicles & Figures

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Lightyear Hyperspeed Series 2 All-Terrain Vehicles & Figures

Discover Disney Pixar's Lightyear. Stranded on an uncharted planet, Buzz Lightyear and his crewmates will need to battle hostile plants, giant bugs and the ultimate threat, Zurg, to complete their mission and return home. The Hyperspeed Series includes a fleet of vehicles inspired by the movie that represent the vehicles that transport Buzz Lightyear and his team on the T'Kani Prime planet. Each vehicle comes with one or more small character figures to drive the way to adventure. The vehicles are 3 inches to 6 inches long with rolling wheels and authentic detail. The figures are approximately 1.25 inches tall with movable joints to let them to sit in the driver or passenger seats. Each Hyperspeed ground vehicle pack consists of 1 vehicle or 2 smaller vehicles and multiple matching figures.

Product Details:


  • Relive the excitement of space exploration, conflict and teamwork in Disney Pixar's Lightyear, with these authentically detailed vehicles and figures representing key ground transports from the Buzz Lightyear origin story
  • Find adventure-driven transport vehicles and buggies used by Buzz Lightyear and his team. Each vehicle comes with at least one corresponding figure to drive new storylines. Additional figures can ride along on or inside the vehicle
  • From 3 to 6 inches long, these toys have amazing detail inspired by the vehicles in Lightyear, including rolling wheels for push-along fun, and other working features and space for cargo or passengers
  • Fans will want to collect the whole fleet of Lightyear Hyperspeed Series ground vehicles and figures for a dramatic display. Each vehicle and figure combination sold separately, subject to availability
  • Makes a great movie-themed gift for space enthusiasts and Lightyear fans ages 4 years and older