Octopus Shootout Fun and Wacky Tabletop Hockey Game

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Octopus Shootout Fun and Wacky Tabletop Hockey Game

1 2 3 Octopus shootout! In this frantic, flailing, fun game of tabletop octopus hockey, kids use a spinning octopus paddle to shoot marbles at their opponents goal to score! Choose an octopus and load your marbles into the slot on the side of the game board. To begin the game, each player presses their marble release button to launch their first marbles. Slide your octopus paddle side-to-side to make the octopus tentacles spin to shoot at your opponents goal and block shots against your goal! Once both marbles land in the goals, players continue to release their marbles until they’re all in the goals. At the end of the round, tally up the score – the player with the most points wins the round! Use The scoring track to easily keep track of your wins. The first player to win eight rounds is the winner! For an even crazier game, release several marbles at once for an outrageous octopus shootout! Enjoy wacky octopus action with octopus shootout!



Product Details:

  • Fast-paced action game: This fun octopus hockey game for kids improves hand-eye coordination while having fun! Load your marbles, spin the tentacles to shoot and score to win!
  • Spin and slide to win: block shots and shoot marbles at your opponent’s goal by sliding your octopus paddle side-to-side! The player with the highest score wins the round!
  • Easily keep score: with a scoring track included on the game board, it’s easy to keep track of your wins. If you win a round, slide the track up one notch – first to 8 rounds is the winner!
  • Octopus shootout is a fun skill and action game for kids aged 4 and up and makes a great gift. Shoot and score to win in octopus shootout!
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